Resurrectionists Vocation Stories
“Will you come and follow me

If I but call your name?
Will you go where you don’t know
And never be the same?
Will you let my love be shown,
Will you let my name be known,
Will you let my life be grown
In you and you in me?”
-The Summons

Fr George Zieba CR
Father George Zieba, CR is a member of the religious community
of the Congregation of the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

What is the Congregation of the Resurrection?

It is an international Institute of Consecrated Life of men within the Roman Catholic Church,
founded in Paris, France on February 17, 1836 by three men, Bogdan Jafiski, Peter Semenenko,
and Hieronim Kajsiewicz.

The name of the Congregation refers to the sounds of the bells in Rome at noon on Easter 1842,
when the first seven brothers left the catacombs of the church of Saint Sebastian in Rome.
As consecrated religious, Resurrectionists profess the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.

The Resurrectionists dedicate themselves to the Risen Christ in their religious life.
This dedication entails an act of faith whereby they respond to God’s call to give themselves
completely with all of their talents, abilities, and powers to him, to the church, and to the Congregation.

The Congregation has declared its intention to follow the advice of Pope Pius IX:
“Organize yourselves in a way that will do the most good for the Church.”

Charism Statement

We desire to be faithful to the grace received by our founders,
a grace we now share by our call to the Congregation of the Resurrection.
We recognize certain truths to be especially important for our life and work as
Resurrectionists because they give expression to this grace and call.

We believe that God’s love for us is merciful and unfailing.
We have not earned his love. We are nothing, have nothing, and can do nothing without God.
We are attracted to evil. We are sinners. Yet, God continues to draw us to himself.

We believe that in his love the Father calls us to conversion:
to personal resurrection in union with Jesus,
to a new life filled with the power of his Spirit.
With Jesus, we die to ourselves when we surrender our lives to the Father,
renouncing anything that separates us from him.
The power of the Spirit forms Christ in us, and moves us to respond
with love to the Father’s great love for us.

We believe that God calls us to live together as brothers—sharing the gifts that we have received,
supporting one another, praying and working together for his glory.
He has called us to BE a community, which is a living sign of the gospel values of justice, truth and love.

We believe that God calls us to work together for the resurrection of society,
bringing his life and love to all: through our personal witness,
through the witness of our life in community, and through our community apostolates,
primarily through parish work and teaching.
This also requires that we build, and teach others to build,
a Christian community in which all can experience the hope, joy and peace of Christ’s Resurrection.

We believe that Mary is our model for all that we are called to be and do as Resurrectionists.

The Mission Statement

The Congregation of the Resurrection announces and lives witness to the Paschal Mystery.
Convinced of God’s unconditional love for us we herald the liberation and salvation of
each person and society as a passage from death to life in which every Situation of evil and
injustice will be overcome.

We call others, especially youth and families, to communities of the Risen Christ
in which faith, hope and love radiate as a sign of union with Christ and his mother, Mary,
in the Church. We are convinced that to do this our Congregation must be a model of Christian
community in which people are one in heart and mind.

We reach out to all people through our pastoral-educational ministry but especially
join in solidarity with people diminished by unjust structures.

We assist the laity in their own efforts to become prophets to the world and
to transform it by providing them with a deeper experience of the Paschal dynamic in their lives.
As an international community we assist each other in various parts of the world
by sharing our ministries, experiences and resources.

We share Christ’s own desire to enkindle the fire of divine love in the heart of every person on this earth.

Organizational Structure

Internationally, the Resurrectionists are divided into three Provinces and one Region,
ministering in more than twelve countries worldwide.
The Community works and has its missions in
Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Canada, the United States, Brazil, Bolivia,
Australia, Bermuda, Mexico, Ukraine, White Russia, Slovakia, and Israel.

The members of the Congregation may belong to the Latin or the Greek Rite.
The motherhouse is in Rome, where the superior-general and his council reside.
The Congregation devotes itself to work in parishes and missions,
held by them under the same conditions as by the secular clergy,
and to the education of youths in colleges and seminaries.